As Home Inspectors we often get accused of having unethical relationships with real estate agents, meaning we write a report to ensure that the sale of the home is completed to stay on the agents good side. There by ensuring that agent keeps using the inspector as their go to guy.

I will start by saying that I do have great working relationships with many Real Estate Agents who are ethical and stand by having the you the buyer as their 1st interest. Agents I like to work with are the ones that want the truth in the report no matter what because their first interest is you the buyer and if for some reason this deal can’t be completed then they move on to find another home. (Maybe buyers should call home inspectors to ask what Real Estate Agents to use.) These agents recommend me often because I report in a manner that is not alarmist but to the point. I’m not here to scare you out of the home but I’m not going to sugarcoat the issues either. A good agent will work through the issues in the report allowing you the buyer to make an “informed decision” about your purchase. Any agent chasing you to sign off on the Inspection Condition immediately at the end of the inspection is not one you should be using.
When choosing your real estate agent realize that there 40,000 of them in the GTA now and some do count on your sale like its their last meal. Understandably though the Home Inspection profession is an awkward situation for Real Estate agents as being an unlicensed profession the agent can and rightly so be furious if an unprofessional inspector and poorly written report kills the sale.

At the end of the day just do your homework, buying a home is not only likely the biggest purchase you will make its very time consuming completing all your due diligence to ensure you know what you are buying.